Our Services

The supply chain and its management represents one of the key elements for the good run of our customers’ own operations.

By its mastering of the global logistic chain, B & B International is able to offer «tailor made » solutions for any logistic need requested by our customers.


Competences & Knowledge

  • Reception of goods and container stuffing and unstuffing

  • Identification and measurement of goods

  • Storage of goods a secured warehouse

  • Stock Management

  • Quality control

  • Preparation of order & picking

  • Dispatching of goods & cross docking 

Our Network

Our warehouse is located in Rhône-Alpes, one of the main transportation hub in France is a key advantage. The warehousing solutions offered by B & B International will allow you to better control your supply chain.

We own a network of storage warehouses in Rhône Alpes to satisfy your needs and give you full satisfaction.

Supply chain management is a key point in the management of your company and your merchandise will have a substantial impact on the good run of your company.

Our main warehouse is located in a strategic location in Mions, a few hundred meters from Lyon’s eastern Bypass.

All of our platforms are equipped with:

  • IDE system (Informatic Data Exchange) to allow us an optimal management of all information flows while also guaranteeing the security and the safeguard of all information.
  • Alarm and video surveillance system for the safeguard or your goods.