Our History

The B & B International company was founded in 1997 by the two leaders: Isabelle de Boccard et Jean-Marie Baurès.

For strategic and economic reasons, we are located on the outskirts of Lyon, close to the Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport. The Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region represents a dynamic hub at the heart of European exchanges.

Today, the company is made up of a team of professional and skilled employees in the different fields of transport and its derivatives. To accompany the development of our clients and prospective clients, transport engineering is today vital.

Our multicultural and languages knowledge on global markets allow us to be present on all continents and to offer our clients job lines such as: Maritime Transport, Air Transport, Road Transport, Logistics & Cross Trade.

International network

International trade, as a result of long management tradition, is the strategic positioning of the company.

A network of exclusive and super specialized partners, such as WWPC, allows the organization of multimodal transport operations, which is the core business of our teams.
Logistics services are the major axes of our development and high added-value services.

Skills and Know-how

The organization of multimodal transport operations is the core business of our teams.

Our key-factors of success:

·         Flexibility

·         Reactivity

·         Consulting

·         Adaptability

·         Methodology

  •     Competitivity

We organize for you simple and complex logistical operations, revolving or limited in time, always resorting to specific resources.



B & B International is IATA (International air transport association) certified agent and has obtained the AEO (AEO agreed economic operator) status certification status.

We have thought that this new European status allow us to secure the quality and control of our logistics, transport and customs operations achieved for our clients.

Acting on the recommendations of Customs Administration, it is our consulting duty to remind:

  • The stake of securing the international supply chain for all players involved.
  • The importance of the quality of exchanges relative to customs clearance of merchandise.

code 20-4 7433 6912

N° FR00000938

Quality & Enviromental policy

Quality Policy

The B & B International quality policy aims to satisfy our clients in the long term through continuous improvement: it translates into a better listening and understanding of their expectations as well as improved control of the risks associated with the activities carried out to satisfy them.

Environmental Policy

We are constantly studying a great range of measures that would allow to reduce our contribution to global warming in all the aspects of our activity.

As a company, we nevertheless have to keep a balance between what is technically feasible, and financially reasonable as well as what makes sense business wise.

In our industry, it is crucial to publicize our action in favor of the environment, to reduce the impact of our activities on global warming:

·         Use alternative transportation modes, as soon as possible

·         Explore new technologies

·         Work closely with clients or suppliers

·         Optimize our use of trucks 

·         Efficiently manage our partners/Transporters