Destinations & Agents

International trade, following a long management tradition, embodies the key strategic positioning of the company.
B & B International ensures a diverse merchandise transportation service throughout Europe and Worldwide.
The organization of international multimodal transport is the core business of our teams
Relying on competent and qualified agents located throughout the world allows us to answer to the specific transport issues of your merchandise, whatever they may be.

Services & Formalities

Being an active player in international trade implies a good knowledge of the current regulation in order to trade goods while heeding the rules and regulation both in France and internationally.
That is why B & B International will be able to offer its best advice for any import or export operations and informs you on the different import or export documents required for the buy or sell of your products.
We perform all customs formalities under any term (definitive, temporary, transit, ATA), we advise on all the documents required and on any special requirement depending on the country of origin or destination (such as BESC / CTN, Ams Filing).
Export formalities concern only merchandise shipped to non-EU countries. According to the destination country, different export documents can be required by the customs administration.
Import documents are provided for the customs clearance of your merchandise, such as commercial invoices, certificate of origins and many other.

Technical information

Throughout all the technical specificities that you will provide, we will be able to give you an estimate of shipment cost. For a shipment quote, you can use the contact form.